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Brewery Kimmel was established in 1815 in Old Riga as small, local brewery. In 1850 the brewery moved to Bruņinieku street where new factory building was built. This brewery was the first steam powered brewery in Riga. In 1920-1930 the factory occupied the whole quarter. The brewery worked until 2002, when it was moved out of Riga center. Few years later the company went bankrupt.

In 2005 architectural competition was carried out for development of this area. German company Benisch&Partner won the competition, but technical project was not developed.

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Current Situation

Currently the biggest part of buildings are empty, unused and in bad and very bad technical condition. Some buildings are used as garages and car services, as well as cafeteria. As most of the buildings are recognized as slums and potentially dangerous to public, and therefore has bigger real estate tax rate, buildings need to be demolished or rebuilt as soon as possible.
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Property is located in the city center of Riga. Property makes up almost whole block and is verged by three streets – Kr. Valdemāra, Bruņinieku and Stabu. Property is easily accessible both by private and public transport. Nearby are located several schools, theater and many residential and office buildings. Property consists of land plot with total area of 11 533 m² and several old factory (brewery) buildings built in years 1850-1910. Some of the buildings are with historical heritage value and therefore need to be preserved, but other buildings can be demolished and rebuilt.

Kimmel Quarter

Architectural Competition

Registration is now closed

We are happy to announce an open, international architectural competition for the best spatial development proposal of Kimmel Quarter. The competition has been launched on 5th of October, 2017 and you are able to download all necessary competition materials after you register here. You are also welcome to post your comments and questions in the form bellow, we will answer them as soon as possible.