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Kimmel Quarter

Current Situation

The current state has remained relatively unchanged since the early 20th century and stands today as a relatively unknown site in the center of Riga. Kimmel Quarters’ unique evolution of the building structures and basements since the 19th century has led to the current coexistence of brick and wooden buildings with different historical and functional origins and has been a source of great inspiration for us in creating the new Kimmel Quarters with a strong identity based on its rich history and cultural significance.

At the moment, majority of the buildings in Kimmel are empty, unused, in bad or extremely bad technical condition. However some of them are used as cafés and during the summertime attract many visitors, making the quarter inhabited and lively. Every week different day time festivals, night time parties and outdoor movie nights take place in Kimmel Quarter. Therefore, you can already get out of the city crowd and leisurely enjoy the Autentika Brunch every Saturday and Sunday or after hard working day enjoy a glass of wine or locally brewed beer with great steak at VEST city bar in Kimmel Quarter.

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Kimmel Quarter



The first origins of the “KIMMEL” brewery date back to 1815, when a small brew house and a malt factory were founded in the Old Town of Riga.

In 1838, Latvia started importing beer from Bavaria, and the so-called “stone cellar” was built to store it at the Kimmel Quarters site. Sometime later, the entire beer warehouse was moved to those premises.


In 1840, new equipment was installed and in 1850 a new steam-powered brewery, renamed “C. L. Kymmel” opened on the site. The brewery acquired exclusive rights for the production of beer and porter, which caused extensive construction works in the 1870s, with the main brewery buildings, cellars, stables and residential buildings built. It was evident for “Kymmel” that, in order to be a competitive company, modern equipment was needed, the enterprise managed to purchase it in Germany.


In 1924, “Kymmel” was recognized as the best among 45 beer and malt producers in Latvia. The brewery used to produce malt for both domestic use and export.

In 1929, “Kymmel” started the production of mineral water, fruit-water and seltzer water. “Kymmel” was nationalized in 1941. After World War II, the enterprise was renamed to “Riga Brewery”. In 1959, the enterprise changed its name again to “Riga Winery and Brewery”.


In 1970, it became the main company producing non-alcoholic beverages. After regaining independence, the company was named “Rīgas alus” (Riga’s beer).

In 2001 the enterprise was renamed once again “Kimmel Rīga”, which was moved from Riga to Ādaži a year later. Since the brewery production ended in 2001 the state of the buildings and structures has deteriorated to its current state. Some of the buildings have partly been in use for restaurants, cafés and mechanical workshops.

Kimmel Quarter


Property is located in the city center of Riga. Property makes up almost whole block and is verged by three streets – Kr. Valdemāra, Bruņinieku and Stabu. Property is easily accessible both by private and public transport. Nearby are located several schools, theater and many residential and office buildings. Property consists of land plot with total area of 11 533 m² and several old factory (brewery) buildings built in years 1850-1910. Some of the buildings are with historical heritage value and therefore need to be preserved, but other buildings can be demolished and rebuilt.

Kimmel Quarter

Further Development

The Kimmel Quarter project will turn the territory of the former "Kymmel" brewery into an integrated and innovative mix-use hub in the city centre of Riga, creating a new A class office centre and the future benchmark for the office typology in the region. In 50 000 square meters Kimmel quarter will offer most essential urban amenities for modern workplace, such as, conference centre, gastronomy area, fitness centre, hotel, kindergarten and many more amenities that will provide the necessary convenience for the office workers as well for outside visitors. Beside the functions and new built intervention, the site itself is one of the most interesting and unique opportunity to engage with historical and industrial heritage of the city, where the new and the old merge together in a unique coherent and elegant solution. The proposed design will play an important role in the users’ and inhabitants’ lives. Within the proposed design, the site will be prepared for new amenities, which attract public interest and make the quarter a liveable quarter. By granting the building and urban area multiple purposes, the site will interweave with the rest of the Centre’s area.

Kimmel Quarter


Kimmel quarter is offering most essential urban amenities for modern workplace, such as, conference centre, gastronomy area, fitness centres, hotels, kindergartens and many more amenities that will provide the necessary convenience for the office workers as well for outside visitors.

Customizable Spaces

The floorplans have been tested to suit the needs of different tenants with a variety of diverse office fit. Floorplans and layout of the buildings allows making huge open space premises, divide it into small cabinets or mix of both. The size of office premises for rent varies from 100sqm to 4400sqm per floor.

Conference centre

Conference centre will be able to host up to 500 participants (theatre style), which is more than any business centre in Riga can provide. It will also have several smaller conference and training rooms that will allow tenants to organize different company events and employee trainings close to their office.

Local Lunch Options

Mealtime is the best time for deal-making and networking, therefore we want to create a sense of community around mealtime. In the building lobby there will be several local restaurants and cafeterias that will give office workers a chance to explore different foods and beverages. And, they don’t have to leave the premises for lunch or a coffee break, saving them and their employers time.


Having an unflinching sustainability strategy with BREEAM as the driving force, Kimmel Quarter has the potential to become an example for future development of the city of Riga.

Social & Community Spaces

In the office building large public lobby is planned with info desks, meeting points, public hot-seat working places, food-court, cafes and other public, multipurpose spaces that can foster a greater sense of community among all the businesses that occupy the office building. The Kimmel Quarter courtyard will be public attraction place where different events will take place like concerts, farmers markets, open air cinema etc. Already now several events have been made in this courtyard and it becomes more and more popular place to visit. After development it will gain new quality and become even better.

Thoughtful Transportation Solutions

As Kimmel Quarter is located in the city center of Riga on one of the major streets, smart transportation solutions are very important.  In Kimmel Quarter you will find not only underground parking for more than 200 cars, but also several Kimmel Quarter electric shared cars and electric car charging stations will be available for tenants use with pre-registration at office info-center.Well-developed bicycle garage with lockers and showers as well as bicycle repair station will be located on ground floor and connected to city bicycle path network. For those who don’t have their own bicycle, public bicycle rental station will be available at the premises as well. The central location of Kimmel Quarter provides huge variety of public transport possibilities. In just 500m walking distance from Kimmel Quarter you can reach 25 different public transport routes providing the option to easily reach Kimmel Quarter even from furthest parts of Riga.